Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We are coming to the end of the co-op spring semester and I have to say I am soooooooooo happy about it! I know the kids love it and I do love it, too, but I am looking forward to the break! I am trying to decide what classes I want to co teach or teach or be a helper in. I did not realize when I signed the kids up in the fall that I could help in one of the older kids classes and take Bella with me. I thought she would have to be in the nursery with her age, so I chose to be in the nursery with her. I have realized that babies and toddlers might not be the age group I enjoy working with. We have two more weeks and we will be done til after Labor Day.

I had a great workout today with Ernie. It was so much fun to be at the gym and workout with weights together. The gym is filling up with our family and church members that might as well be family. It is such a joy to go work out with them!

I'm starting to think about homeschooling next year and what worked and didn't work for us this year. I do think I will be making some changes. I think it will be good for all of us. I think I am going to try to plan a lot more in advance for our school days. I think it will be an awesome year!

The older two kids started an exercise class for kids at the gym this afternoon. They both loved it. I loved that I can count it as PE and that they are getting more activity! They love the nursery worker that's at the gym in the afternoons, so I am thrilled about that. It's so much easier to leave them if they are happy waiting for me to get done.

I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I last posted on here! March was an extremely busy month for us. I will be very happy to see April roll in tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun Lessons!

I learned that I can survive Ernie and Michael going to a computer thing from 2PM-11PM Friday and 8AM-11PM Saturday without losing my mind. I so look forward to the weekends and having some help with this sweet, very active baby girl. I didn't have it this past weekend. I survived!

I learned that I'm not shielding my real self from others the way I thought I was to keep myself from getting hurt. I am finding myself opening up and trusting after swearing I would not do that again after having who I am attacked by the person I thought was my closest girlfriend. I was reminded this week that some people are only in your life for a season.

I learned that I am still having major issues saying no when someone invites me to something or asks me to do something. I thought I had learned to put myself first, but obviously I have not, yet.

I learned that I have absolutely no self control when Girl Scout cookies are around!

I learned that Annalee enjoys helping sort and get her cookies ready for delivery.

I learned that I cannot drink coke all weekend because I was stressed and eat Girl Scout cookies and expect to see the numbers go down or even stay the same on the scale. I was up 4 pounds this morning!!! NOT a good way to start my day! I burned 1200 calories at the gym this evening, though. Hopefully that'll be a start to getting them off!

Those were my biggies for the week. For more things learned this week, check out Musings of a Housewife.