Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another year, another recital...

After a crazy busy week, Annalee had her recital last night. It is hard to enjoy the extra long civic center rehearsals while trying to entertain(chasing) a toddler, but the recital made it all worth it. Annalee's turning into such a great little dancer. She works so hard learning the dances and looks like she's having a great time when she's on the stage. Ballet is not her favorite, but it was never my favorite, either. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Here's a quickly snapped picture on our way out the door. This was her jazz and tap costume. We loved it!

In the dressing room with Helayna before the recital. We have been blessed with some great friends from dancing that we might not have formed relationships with if not for the time in the studio. I found another workout buddy!

Ballet... I loved their ballet costume and loved that they danced to Proud to be an American this year.
Annalee, we are so proud of you for all of the hard work and discipline you have shown this year!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun in the sun

We had a busy, but very fun afternoon at the park today with the kids, two of Michael's friends and some of our friends. The weather was nasty this morning, so I was worried we weren't going to be able to enjoy the afternoon at the park, but the weather turned out beautiful! Michael spent the night with some friends last night and had a great time. He wasn't ready for the weekend to end after going to church with them this morning and to eat lunch, so they came home with him. We went to the park for Jimmy and Timmy Snow's 30th birthday bash and let the kids play.

Annalee thought the cake was good enough to lick the plate clean!

Bella and Brody spent some time together this afternoon. I think they enjoyed each other's company!

I had to share a picture of Bella's first ball pit experience at The Jungle Gym, too! She enjoyed it as long as there weren't too many kids around.

It was such a great weekend with friends! I loved having Patrick and Carter over and hope it's the beginning of many weekends together for the boys. They were both some of the sweetest and most polite kids I have had the privilege of being around. It's usually hard when there are 3 boys or girls close to the same age to not have an odd man out, but they all played great together. I loved it! Sherri, thank you for letting the boys stay with us this afternoon. We really enjoyed the time together and hope to do it again very soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A day at the park

Friday we met up with a couple of friends for a day at the park! It was hot, but the great company made up for the heat and humidity!

There was a group of kindergarteners on the playground that were interested in playing with the older boys. The boys weren't too impressed. They were very nice to the kids, though!

I think the girls had fun at the pond and walking a nature trail. I gave Annalee a little bit of space and let her go with the girls. My stomach was in knots the entire time, but she had a great time and loved having a little bit of freedom!

We had a squirrel checking things out. I think he could smell the chicken and waffle fries. He wasn't quite brave enough to come get a bite.

Bella kept stealing all of our cups. I gave up trying to keep them away from her! She loves coke, just like her Momma!

We had a fantastic day and hope to do it again very soon, before it gets miserably hot!

Homeschool Field Day

Our homeschool organization did a field day for the elementary age students earlier this month. I remembered how much I disliked field day as a child and was a little concerned my kids wouldn't enjoy it, but they had a blast! Michael made two new friends. I don't think he cared much about the activities after finding boys to talk to that have some of the same interests as him.

Soccer kick

Water break

Lined up for the relay race

Egg Toss

The boys chatting while waiting for their turn to do the egg toss.

How blessed we are to be part of a homeschool organization! These families have been such a lifeline for us this year. Homeschooling has been a challenge, but I strongly believe I am where God wants me at this time in my life. Being able to have the kids at home learning with me is such a privilege.