Friday, October 30, 2009

Celebrating Mae...

Ernie's dear, sweet, compassionate, nonjudgemental, loving grandmother went home to be with the Lord this morning. There are many, many more wonderful adjectives to describe her. She's been doing poorly for about 2 months. They called the family back in Tuesday this week. Ernie and the kids went to see her at the nursing home Tuesday evening. Ernie went back Wednesday evening. He was able to say goodbye and tell her he loved her. Bella and I were quarantined at home due to her having swine flu. I am so thankful to have had the past 15 years knowing her. She was such a huge blessing to us. She was always there for everyone, any time she was needed. Her family meant the world to her. When Ernie and I started dating when I was 15, she took me in just like I was her granddaughter. She was always so accepting and approving of other people. She was my grandmother by marriage, but she was definitely the best grandmother I ever had. She was such a giver. When Michael was a toddler, we spent many days at her house visiting. She would cook him purple hull peas every single time we went to visit. He used to say "Peas? Mae, cook me peas?". She loved her family like no one I've ever known. Our kids adored her. She is so missed already, but I know she's in a better place. She's in Heaven with her husband who's been gone 30 years and her son. Maybe she's already met the baby we lost almost 6 years ago.

Michael's gotten a little too big to share the recliner with her. :)

When all of our kids were little she would rub heads with them and call it "head sugars".

I know it's only goodbye for now, until we see her in Heaven again one day, but it hurts. She shares a birthday with Ernie and has always called him her little birthday present. Michael almost shared a birthday with them, he was born two days earlier. I have never known anyone that loves their family like Mae did. She deserves a lot of credit for the kind of woman and mother I have turned into. I would spend hours with her when Michael was a baby. We would pack up and go spend the day at her house. I was 19 and a new mom, with most of my old friends still in college, definitely not married with kids. She was always there just to hang out with or to share a meal together. She always had an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. She will never be forgotten.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disney Day Six!

Our last breakfast reservation was at Ohana at The Polynesian. I think we served the best breakfast for last! The food here was really good. Ernie and I loved the POG(Passion fruit, orange & guava) juice. The kids weren't huge fans. Service, food, characters, atmosphere and price were all great. I think this was our least expensive meal of the trip, out of all of the table service meals. I was happy to pay for this one out of pocket, which we had to do, because we had booked a couple of meals that required two table service tickets. Bella enjoyed Lilo and Stitch a little bit.

My kids look worn out!

Bella smiled a little bit at this meal.

Parading around the restaurant.

Stitch snuck up on Annalee.

Stitch playing with Michael.

Bella smiling a little bit at Lilo.

The Magic Kingdom getting ready to open!

Halloween decorations.

Splash Mountain!

It's a Small World... my least favorite ride! My knees were killing me from pushing against the bench in front of me the whole ride. It was cramped and I'm a short person!

More Halloween decorations!

We spent the afternoon at the resort then came back to MK for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It was a blast and well worth the extra price, in my opinion!

Best Tooth Fairy costume I'd ever seen!

Waiting for the Boo To You parade.

Headless Horseman!

The lady beside me was going on and on about the pirates... I just don't see the attraction!

Candy station