Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Couch to 5K Week 1 Run 1 of 3

I have wanted to start jogging for awhile now, but have been chicken! I could come up with excuse after excuse why I shouldn't do it. I'm too big. My boobs are too big and will bounce too much. I will look funny. What if I fall? What if I sprain my ankle? What if my heart rate gets too high? What if I get so hot I get sick? I finally decided enough excuses. I would never know if I could run or not, if I didn't give it a try. A good friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was starting C25K to get back to running this spring after taking the winter off. I decided now was as good as a time as any to try to do it with her. We can inspire each other and hopefully provide some accountability for each other. After the 1st jogging session this afternoon, I so wanted to give up! But I knew if I didn't say anything about getting it done, Shannon would ask if I'd done it. I need that accountability! I need to know that I'll have to tell someone that I didn't do the workout, if asked. I did day one today and it was harder than I could have imagined. I had been telling myself that surely I can make it through 8 sessions of 60 seconds of jogging. It's only 60 seconds! How hard could that possibly be? HA! It was so hard that I didn't want to move after the 1st 60 seconds! I didn't want to take a single step, much less walk for 90 seconds then start up again! I hoped I would love it like I love the body combat class, but I didn't. My hope is that it will grow on me. I think as it gets a little easier and I'm not scared I'm going to fall flat on my face or on my butt, I'll be ok. The way I felt after I completed the session, I think, made up for the pain. When I left I was thinking that I didn't know how in the world I was going to make myself do it again on Friday. I feel differently now. I feel like I accomplished something. Yes, it was only 8 sessions of 60 seconds of jogging, but the idea of being able to run a 5K at the end of 9 weeks is an amazing feeling.


Michele said...

You can do it!! I know you can. Keep it up! It is worth it . . . I promise!

Amy said...

Good for you! You're going to have to tell me about this method, cuz right now I'm not doing it like that. It might make things easier for me....well kind late for it now, but I want to be able to jog/run the whole thing!!

Shannon said...

Well...honey if I can do can do it! you may not grow to love running, but you will gain a whole new respect for it and how much energy it can really bring to your life!

I'm going to be asking tomorrow how run #2 be prepared! ;-)

edie said...

I'm cheering for you Jessica! I'm proud that you're venturing out of your comfort zone. I'll be checking in on ya!

love and hugs,

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

Hooray! We're on week three now. We do each of Robert's one week for two because it just feels easier that way. There have been many times when I've wanted to quit....but I haven't yet! Hang in there girlie - and good for you!