Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Fun

Michael and Annalee both had friends over this weekend for a sleepover and a day of play. I love it when the kids ask to have friends over to spend the night. It's so interesting to see the different personalities of their friends. It's a reminder of how different we all are!

I missed a lot of swimming pictures. It was impossible to hold a wet, wiggling toddler and a camera. I'm thankful the kids had this time together and seemed to enjoy each other's company! They spent part of the day out of the heat in Excalibur playing games. Bella rode in a car ride for the first time. It was a hoot watching her ride and sing along with the music. We are trying to slow down and just enjoy being and doing things together this summer. I am really enjoying it. I am enjoying the family time so much in fact that my plan for this next week is to "unplug". I will check email from my phone, but have no intentions of even turning on the laptop. No facebook, twitter or blogs. I haven't had the laptop off for a week since last summer when we went on vacation. I'm sure it's going to feel odd, but I have plenty to do around the house and need to be making memories with the kids and not sitting behind the laptop!

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