Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter... after reading the Bible in 90 Days...

I was very nervous about Easter this year with Ernie's grandmother and Dad both gone for the 1st time. Ernie's family got together at his grandmother's house and I knew it was going to be full of memories. I will admit, I got a little stressed. I honestly just wanted Easter to be over, but I didn't want to get up Easter morning with that kind of attitude, because it is such a precious day. The three days before Easter were crazy busy with egg hunts with friends. They were so much fun, but I went into Easter exhausted. It was so sweet to treasure the time we had with Ernie's family Sunday. Stinky and Willie Mae not being there reminded me that we never know how long we have with anyone. I am thankful we had this Easter with them.

The peace that has overflowed since finishing reading the Bible a couple of weeks ago has been such a blessing. Just thinking that the Lord would help me complete reading the Bible and during the time that I wanted to complete the Bible makes me think that there are so many other things He would help me with, if I would just ask and pray about it. I have no doubt that that peace helped me get through this Easter. That peace helped me focus on how much better of a day Stinky and Mae must have had in Heaven than we had here on Earth. I know every day is a celebration in Heaven, but can you imagine how awesome Easter must be up there? I bet it was their best Easter, ever! I focused on that instead of being sad that they were not with us this year.

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