Friday, November 14, 2008

Virus, virus Go Away!!!

This too shall pass is my mantra today! The last month or so has been a tough one on Bella. It seems like as soon as she starts to get well, something else hits. An ear infection, sinus infection, double ear infections and a virus. She's still running fever with this virus, but seems to finally be in better spirits this afternoon. Thank goodness! She didn't want anyone to hold her while she was sick, other than me. So, I'm hoping by tonight she'll be feeling a little better and be a little more relaxed than she has been.

One week down and one more to go of the mandatory cheerleading practices before the competition. We are halfway there! It will be a memory soon! Annalee's tired of practicing outside in the cold in the evenings. We will be happy when it's over! I'm glad she decided she wanted to stick with cheerleading, even though none of her friends were on the team from last year.

I cannot believe we only have two weeks til Thanksgiving! It feels like it should be at least a month away. I don't know where the time has gone!

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