Monday, May 11, 2009

A day at the park

Friday we met up with a couple of friends for a day at the park! It was hot, but the great company made up for the heat and humidity!

There was a group of kindergarteners on the playground that were interested in playing with the older boys. The boys weren't too impressed. They were very nice to the kids, though!

I think the girls had fun at the pond and walking a nature trail. I gave Annalee a little bit of space and let her go with the girls. My stomach was in knots the entire time, but she had a great time and loved having a little bit of freedom!

We had a squirrel checking things out. I think he could smell the chicken and waffle fries. He wasn't quite brave enough to come get a bite.

Bella kept stealing all of our cups. I gave up trying to keep them away from her! She loves coke, just like her Momma!

We had a fantastic day and hope to do it again very soon, before it gets miserably hot!

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Sherri said...

I didn't even realize you had taken so many pictures! I just put the few I had and didn't worry about it :(.
I thought about going to the book sale to try and get rid of some of my stuff. I have so much stuff and didn't have any luck getting rid of it on EBAY last year. I never did get with anyone to set up a table, though.
I have to go for groceries today and to take back some overdue books. It's hard now with the fine .25 a day instead of .10.
Have a great day!