Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bible in 90 Days...

Several of the ladies I follow on Twitter have been mentioning the whole month of December that they are going to read the Bible in 90 days. I really enjoy reading tweets from these ladies, so the idea began to take root. I love a good challenge. This is a huge challenge. I have tried to follow the calendars to read the Bible in one year a couple of times and have not been successful with it. I have a hard time committing to do something for a whole year. I know in the grand scheme of things that a year is not a long time, but it feels like it is. 365 days vs. 90 days. I think I can handle committing to 90 days. One of my Christmas gifts was the actual Bible in 90 Days Bible. I need to make this challenge easier in any way I possibly can.

Amy over at Mom's Toolbox is leading an online group of women by encouraging them to read the Bible all the way through in 90 days. There will be some discussion once a week on twitter. I love that there are a group of women doing this together. I need the accountability, encouragement and support. If I'm going to be completely honest, I thrive off of competition and it will be a competition(at least in my mind) to get to the end. I want to be one of the ones to finish what I start with this for once. I want to be able to say I've read the entire Bible. We are planning on doing it as a family. I think our older children could benefit from reading it, also.

One of my goals for this year is to have a deeper walk with Christ. I know He's there and watching over me, but I long for more in my spiritual walk. I think reading the Bible all the way through from cover to cover will be a great start.

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