Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What I learned this week...

Jo-Lynne over at Musings of a Housewife is having her weekly carnival. I finally decided to join in again. Since I tend to internalize my feelings, I really need to get them out somehow this week. There might be a lot of posting going on.

Watching my family hurt is breaking my heart. I'm hurting too, but seeing other people you love hurting is so hard. I have learned that we honestly never know what is going to happen to any of us. We've done the one month to live series at church and it truly opened my eyes to how important relationships are, but having a death close to us that was totally unexpected has shown me that no matter how much time you spend with someone, you're never prepared for them to leave.

I have learned that we tend to put too much priority on little things that honestly do not matter. I have learned that we need to focus more on relationships and not things and activities. It's so easy to get caught up in our own lives. We have spent a lot of time with Stinky this month and I am so thankful for that. We needed that time with him. I am so thankful for the kind of Daddy and Pappaw he was.

I have learned that Ernie's stepmom is very strong. I am worried about her, but she is hanging in there and is stronger than we all seem to be. I have learned that we need to take more pictures. Especially of those 2nd, 3rd and more kids. We were devastated to only find one picture of Annalee with her pappaw and none with Bella and him. I wish we had more, especially now that he is gone.

I have learned that true friends are priceless. The encouragement, support and prayers we have received have been unbelievable. The visitation was tonight and I learned just how many friends he had and how many people loved and respected him.

I have learned that when I don't know how I'm going to get through a situation, God is there to carry me. I have learned that when I am angry and want to scream and cry at God for allowing Stinky to leave us so suddenly, God is big and can take it.

I have learned that my Momma is an amazing woman and I love her so much. I have leaned on her strength this week and it has been so much help. I have learned that we need to tell people we love them. You never know when it might be the last time you see them. I have learned that you cannot take one day for granted.

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Viki said...

I'm sorry for the losses that you've recently faced. Hopefully, over the holidays you will find peace and comfort in the good memories you have.