Monday, February 1, 2016

Trying to resurrect the blog and blog consistently...

This past year has been so full of growth, encouragement and inspiration.  I credit it all to an online facebook group I am a part of, called Dreamers and Builders.  Jon Acuff started the group and it has improved my life so much.  I have been a part of the group 2 years and thanks hugely to them, my life keeps getting better and better.  This group has been such a huge prayer support.  They sent me so many encouraging cards when I was battling breast cancer.  Surprise Starbucks giftcards, too.  I don't know about you, but Starbucks giftcards are one of my love languages.  The ladies of the group have been my cheerleaders.  Everyone in the group is uplifting and just wants to see you live the best life you possibly can.  They always have book recommendations, if you need a specific genre or subject to read.  They band together to support people in the group that are hurting.  It is just amazing.  They are what church is supposed to be, except it's an online group.  It really is amazing.  I have been blessed to meet one of the ladies in person and hope to meet more soon!

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