Thursday, December 4, 2008

Look Ma! No hands!

Bella is getting brave! The past couple of days she's been letting go of the furniture when she's standing. It is so cute because she doesn't seem hesitant about it at all. She lets go and holds something in her hands playing with it or flaps her arms like a bird. It is hilarious! She will be walking before we know it!

I've got to share a picture of Michael and Annalee, also. We've had a fun, laid back week at home this week. We went to see Scrooge yesterday and had a blast. I wish I'd taken my camera to get a picture of the kids with Johnye, but I didn't think about it! She did a wonderful job dancing, as always!

Annalee was being goofy in this picture. She was in a playful mood tonight! They wrestled on the floor awhile after supper. Bella loved watching them. She would squeal and crawl quickly from the playroom. I loved hearing her! I have to say that I am totally sold on chiropractic care for infants after seeing the remarkable changes in her. I was scared to have someone adjusting her neck and back as young as she is, but if there is ever another baby, I think I would take the baby in much sooner! We are loving every waking minute with her!


Amy said...

Ahwwww girl it won't be long!! Chloe Grace is into EVERYTHING including the tree! LOL She has taken just about everything off of it a 100x's! HA!

edie said...

Oh that sweet little thing is sooo cute. We've got serious baby envy here at our house.

Sherri said...

Yes, she will be off and running before you know it!!!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Yea for a fun relaxing week. Those are the best home school weeks of all.