Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend pictures

We had another great weekend! A lot of weekends we are so busy that I cannot wait for Monday to get here so we can be home more and things will slow down. This was not one of those weekends. It was fairly busy, but not as chaotic as some have been. The cheerleading team had plans to ride in the Christmas parade Saturday afternoon. They spent a couple of hours decorating the float, then enjoyed their time throwing candy. Stacie and Joe from church had several ATVs and a couple of floats right behind Annalee's team's float. Stacie invited Michael to ride with her boys in the trailer. He was so thrilled to be able to ride! Ernie rode with Annalee, so Bella and I came home so she could nap. They enjoyed this parade more than any parade they have ever gotten to see. I enjoyed it more because they were throwing OUT candy and did not come home with a bag of candy each.

We had a great afternoon today at Mom's house. Melanie was in town. She got sick Friday, after driving up, so we didn't see her too much this visit. The kids were happy to see her. We were able to see Johnye for awhile this afternoon. She is usually dancing on Sunday afternoons, so it was great to see her.

Johnye and Bella

Annalee has been asking to get her ears pierced for a couple of weeks, so we went and had them done this afternoon. She is growing up!

We are gearing up for a busy school week this week. I am trying to get a lot in the next couple of weeks, so I don't feel guilty about taking off a couple of weeks for Christmas. I am wondering if my obsessive compulsive tendencies will allow us to be completely school free for 2 weeks!

I am trying to think a lot about Christmas this week, also. I am definitely a procrastinator. I am trying to think of things for the kids that won't only be played with a couple of times this year and pushed to the side. We finally got our play room completely cleared out and I don't want to clutter it back up with toys! At the same time, I want the kids to have some things they will love.


duchess said...

Looks like a fun day. Who doesn't love a parade?
I'm hoping to start homeschooling my two after the holidays - I may be back for advice.
Have a great Monday.

edie said...

Hi Jessica,
Looks like a fun weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on my blog this weekend....and email me your address and I'll send you a copy of the Lutheran prayer book. Thanks for the book suggestions...can't wait to read Gratto

Sandy Toes said...

What a fun parade. My kids loved being in a parade..special memories..indeed!
-sandy toes

Kat said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend! A lot going on!
And look at those pierced ears! How exciting! :)

Amy said...

Well that looks like that was a lot of fun. I wished we could have been there to see. You ready for C'mas? I still have gifts to buy.

Lora said...

Your parade looks like fun! I had wanted to take my kiddos to see our town's, but we had freezing rain and snow that night instead:)