Friday, January 20, 2012

Five minute Friday...

Before our move to Texas, I just thought I was really alive and enjoying life. Since the move, God has placed people in my lives to open up my eyes wide and really see the world for the beautiful place it is. There's that friend that gives me a hug, when I don't even realize I need one. That friend that says I've been there and it's ok to feel the way that you feel. That friend that asks how I'm doing and really wants to know. That friend that doesn't settle for the answer "I'm ok". There's that friend that asks "How can I pray for you?" and really means it. There's that friend that texts and says "I'm sorry I haven't been a great encourager this week", when she has a million reasons to not worry about other friends. There's that friend that asks if she can stop by to talk for 5 minutes. There's that friend that stands at her door and talks for an hour when needed. There's that friend that texts me to tell me she's proud of me and would take me out for a coke, if she was in town. Wonderful, eye opening colors that fill my world these days. God is so good and gives so much more than we could ever think to ask for. Vivid colors that fill my life and my heart to overflowing. STOP

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