Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mrs. Amy is the awesomest!!!

Look at my beautiful Princess! Mrs. Amy surprised us tonight with the perfect outfit for Bella to wear at her birthday party this weekend. She is so talented and has an eye for such cute outfits! I was worried the body suit wouldn't fit, but it did! It's a little snug, but Bella can wear it.

I didn't puff out the tutu yet, but you can get an idea of how precious it is!

Bella had a blast playing with the tutu!

I love the crown on the onesie!

The name on the booty is so sweet! There are cute little bows with rinestones on the sides, also. It is the sweetest onesie I've ever seen!

Amy, thank you!!! You are so talented!


Sherri said...

That is precious!!! I love her name on!!! I think she likes it too :).

Amy said...

You are so welcome. I'm glad she/you liked it and it FIT! Thank the Lord. I will get the bow to you Saturday.

Love ya'll!


Michele said...

I love this. This is so PRECIOUS!!!