Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Bella and Bullseye

Bella loves the cat! He is so sweet with her and will be still and let her pet him til her heart's content. She was trying to pick him up yesterday. Considering they probably weigh close to the same weight, it was funny to watch!

We've had a pretty laid back week here this week. Michael has taken 3 sick days and skipped doing school work. It's the first sick days he's taken off this year, so I've tried to be laid back and not uptight about it. If he was going to school, I'm sure he would've missed much more than that from being sick. We took a break from co-op this week. The doctor told him to stay in and rest all week this week, so that's most of what we've been doing. Bella is walking all over the house this week. It is so fun to sit and watch her! I do think we are going to have to baby proof even more, though. The house has been baby proofed for a couple of years since I kept kids in the house, but I've never put latches on kitchen drawers. The cabinets are all latched, but she's trying to open drawers! Fun times! We are really enjoying her exploring.


Darcie - Such The Spot said...

We tried the whole cabinet lock thing with Jayce. Yeah. Now he's the one who goes around locking them up when we've forgotten. Lotta good those are doing us.

Sherri said...

That cat is! I guess that was a sight to see.