Sunday, February 1, 2009

Procrastinate a little?

Bella's birthday was almost two weeks ago and I finally feel like I've gotten my act together on the party plans. I'm thankful Amy was out of town this weekend and I didn't do it this weekend as I was originally planning! I've been sick since Thursday and would have never had the house cleaned and would not have been able to enjoy the party. I managed to address the invites that we couldn't give out at church this morning. We found cute plates, cups and napkins today. I'm really excited! I love that her birthday is right before Valentine's Day. This year, at least, we will use the heart theme. After this year, she might have an opinion on what kind of theme she wants.

God is good! We found out yesterday that we sold our rent house at just the right time. There has been tons of plumbing issues with the carport, bathroom and some of the living room having to be jackhammered up and new pipes laid. God knew we could not handle that stress right now. It amazes me when we are shown that he had a better plan than we did.

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Amy said...

YEAH! Can't wait. Good Job!! :) Hope you're feeling better!