Monday, October 20, 2008

Bella's sick

This past week has been crazy and not in a fun way! Bella has her first ear infection. I hated to hear that, but thought ok, we can just get on an antibiotic and be all good and dandy in a couple of days. That was last Wednesday. She ran fever Wednesday morning, then none Thursday. Friday afternoon her fever came back and was higher. She started showing signs of a cold Friday, also. So, the nurse called in a decongestant. She hasn't slept through the night without crying for almost a week. She was up vomitting last night and does not want to nurse or take a nap today. We could use some good thoughts or prayers that she's well soon and no one else in the house catches this mess!

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Amy said...

ahwww...poor Bella, bless her heart! I will say special prayers for her. I know its hard when they are sick. Chloe Grace has been fighting her cold for over a month now.