Monday, October 13, 2008

What an amazing husband I have!

I turned 30 yesterday. Ernie planned a lunch date for my birthday yesterday. We had about 25 family and friends join us at Chile Verde. Shelia ruined the surprise Saturday afternoon, but I did not know where we were eating or who was coming, so it was still great! Paula made me a beautiful cake! It tasted as good as it looked, too. I love that icing!!! Ernie and Angel were so great to plan the meal out for me. I don't usually enjoy being in the spotlight, but it was great! Being surrounded by friends and family was priceless!

Someone said I'm full of hot air! It was no problem blowing all of the candles out in one breath!

The wonderful sombrero!

Me and Bella with my Mom and Johnye.

Annalee sitting with her cousins, Bekah and Hannah. You can see the back of Michael's head.

My birthday cake... Paula is such an amazing baker!

Thank you Ernie and Angel! Y'all sure know how to make a girl feel loved! Y'all are the best!


Cathie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Amy said...

That's awesome that the fam did such a good job...sometimes we just don't expect that ya know! Happy Birthday again!

Shannon said...

so...did you save me a piece of cake?!

Happy Birthday once again sweetie!


Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate them! It was very unexpected and very sweet for them to do that for me. Shannon, I do have some cake left over! Chocolate or white cake? We have a little bit of both!

Jennifer said...

Well, happy birthday to you!!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

WOW - that is SO special. I am hitting the next decade this coming year..ugh, and I feel so young. :)
What special friends to love on you like this.

Val @ Stinky said...

Happy Birthday!
It looked like a blast.
And nothing is better than cake!

Sherri said...

Wow! Look at that cake...and all of the people. You must feel VERY special :).
Happy birthday!