Friday, October 3, 2008

Blessings abound!

We have had such a fun filled week around here! We have had a great school week. Michael finished his first math book. We will start a new one on Monday. He is more than halfway finished with his English for the year and we are only 8 weeks into the school year. Annalee is almost 3/4 done with her math book. Thankfully I ordered more than one for each of them! I am not a huge fan of the English book Annalee has been working on. I might have to find something different to try. Trial and error can be a fun thing, though!

Bella has kept me in stitches lately. She is growling like a puppy dog. It is hilarious watching her with the other babies in the nursery at co-op. She loves being around other kids. I love seeing her interact with them. The opportunity to go there this year has been such a blessing.

Ernie got an amazing raise at work today at his annual review. He was told that they are very happy with his performance. God is so good!

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Shannon said...

Jess...your posts always make me smile at times when I need them...You are such a Gem!!!