Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After 22 short months

of no monthly friend, I had forgotten how bad PMS can be. I'm glad today is over and am praying tomorrow is much better. Hopefully there will be less tears, less mood swings, less anger, less of me and more of God using me.

In Presidents' at co-op today, Michael wrote a letter to President Obama. This child we have been blessed with is so brilliant. It does not matter at all to him that Mr. Obama is not who we would have chosen to be president. He wrote with so much respect and kindness. It amazed me. We all respect and pray for him now that he is in office, but it was amazing to see that come from a 10 year old. We are so blessed to raise these children.

Annalee said she wants to learn to juggle, after watching a guest juggle at co-op this morning. He had a great message about juggling things in our lives and how God is usually the first thing to be dropped when we are juggling too much. That really spoke to me. God should be the most important thing in my life and it's easy at times to put off reading the Bible or going to church. I needed that reminder.

In Bella news, she took about 9 steps in a row this afternoon! She is getting more and more confident. I LOVE it!


Shannon said...

Children are just's so heart warming...

Amy said...

Girl, I'm totally in that boat with you, except mine started a long time ago. I think after having Chloe Grace "that" time of the month is just NOT a good thing. Timmy always knows when it's about to start. Poor thing, and the kids too! I don't know what is it about having kids that changes all that!! UGH!
Hang in there, I've really struggled with the same thoughts. I hate feeling and ACTing the way I do at that time... I need LOTS and LOTS of grace!

Anywho, You have every right to be a proud momma. Your kiddo's are very bright!
Chloe still won't let go of stuff! I don't think she will be walking by her b-day :(

Michele said...

I love that about your son. We can truly learn so much from our babies if we just stop and take the time. YAY for Bella . . . let the fun and games begin!

Amy said...

Hey, did you decide on Bella's Bday time and date? let me know!

Sherri said...

I so feel your pain with the PMS. Mine got so bad after I had Carter, my third, that I finally asked the dr to give me something. I know that a certain degree of it is normal, but I was sure it didn't have to be so bad. He gave me Serefem. I take it now and then, but it makes me sleepy. I just don't understand why no one can find something to help us..we are the victims, not the ones who have to "Put up with us" during that time. If it was a male problem, there would be something to help them.......I hope you have come through the other end of it!