Friday, September 26, 2008

My Princess turned 8 today!

Annalee celebrated her 8th birthday today. I cannot believe she is already 8 years old! She was all about makeovers this year! My Mom(Nana) took her to Libby Lu's and to lunch on Saturday. Ernie's Mom(Grandma) took her to Libby Lu's and lunch today. Mammaw, Pappaw, Tia and Uncle Joel gave the kids both money this year. They love to choose how to spend their money.

This afternoon we had an awesome cookie cake for Michael and a beautiful Barbie cake for Annalee. Paula made the Barbie cake and surprised Annalee. Annalee thought I ordered the cookie cake for both of them(I originally had), but Paula remembered she had promised Annalee a Barbie cake. The look on Annalee's face when Paula brought out the Barbie cake was priceless!


Cathie said...

Happy Birthday Annalee! Eight is such a fun age. Demi is also eight. She had a sleepover.

Amy said...

Ahww! That is awesome! Tiffany loves Libby Lou's's a lot of fun to take them and let them get all girly-fied! Don't our kids just grow up soooo fast!? It's so sad sometimes, but a joy too!

Val said...

OMG...that cake is great!
And Annalee is too cute!
Happy Birthday!