Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Best Day of my Life

August 10, 1996, the day of our wedding.  I was 17, two months before my 18th birthday.  Ernie was 20.  We were just babies.  I am sure quite a few people thought there was no way we would ever make it.  

We were high school sweethearts.  I knew I was crazy about him the first time I met him.  He was so nerdy in high school and I just have a thing for nerds.  I love smart people.  

Mr. Miller, one of my favorite teachers, suggested asking him to help me with math.  That was not just a ploy to get attention, because I really needed help in math.  Ernie did help me during free time during the day.  

My Mom had a rule of absolutely no dating until I was 16.  Ernie was a senior and had asked me to prom.  I was 15.  My Mom would not agree, so one of our teachers, who stayed and supervised those of us that did not have a ride home after school, spoke with my Mom when she picked me up one afternoon.  The teacher sang Ernie's praises.  He was so loved by all of the teachers.  

She agreed to let me go to prom with him.  We were pretty much a couple from then on.  He started college, went with me to my junior prom and we spent most weekends together.  

He proposed to me when I was 17.  I will never forget telling his Mom and being asked if we had to.  She assumed that I was pregnant.  When we told his Dad, he said "big surprise".  Ha!  His Dad was the most laid back and easy going person I have ever known.  

So, the wedding day comes around and Mr. Miller, the same teacher that suggested I ask Ernie for math help, was there, standing at the back of the chairs, with his Bible in his hands, waiting for the cue to walk up to wait on us.  I will never forget the smirk on Mr. Miller's face.  It was so cool to have him be the one to marry us.  The guys walked up and were standing and waiting for the bridesmaids, flower girls and me.  

I will never forget the story of Willie Mae(Ernie's grandmother), trying to get Stinky's(Ernie's Dad) attention to tell him that his fly was down.  Eventually she got his attention and he turned around and fixed it.  It was so extremely hot and humid.  An August day, outside, after it rained, in Louisiana.  Those poor guys in tuxedos were burning up.  

I wi never forget the way Ernie looked at me when I walked down that aisle to him.  My brother and half sister walked me down to him.  Mr. Miller refrained from asking who gives this girl, because my Dad was deceased and he did not ask if anyone objected.  I could just imagine my stepdad objecting out of spite because I did when he married my Mom, even though I was only 8 at the time.  

Our photographer had a little too much beer through the ceremony and reception.  We repeatedly had to search for him for pictures and he even missed the kiss.  

The reception was a blast.  We had a  DJ and had a blast dancing to YMCA and doing the Macarena.  I changed from my muddy heels to my combat boots.  I am a much more combat boot type of person than high heels.  

This was absolutely the best day of my life.  I get to wake up every morning, next to my best friend.  I love this man more than life.  

I am so thankful that God and Mr. Miller brought us together!  Ernie has been the one person since my Dad died that shows me unconditional love.  He is such a blessing to me. 

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