Monday, August 25, 2008

A new chapter in our lives has begun.

Friday afternoon while Bella took an amazingly long nap and I was wired from taking a dose of Robitussin to fight this cold, I managed to get the hall closet cleaned out and organized with our school books and supplies! On the top shelf there are containers of stamp supplies for art. Then we have Michael's textbooks, workbooks and binder. On the next shelf we have Annalee's textbooks, workbooks and binder. At the bottom we have various supplies and book bags. One would think we do not need book bags for homeschooling, but we are going to the co-op on Wednesdays. The kids needed something to take their books and notebooks in each week. Annalee says her bag can double as a dance bag. That was nice of her! :) Grandma Shelia took them shopping for their bags.

I am excited to have the books off of the dining table and out of sight for the most part. It feels good to not have to move them every time we sit down for supper. The kids know where everything is at all times. It is a great thing!

We are waiting for our Singapore Math textbooks and workbooks to arrive and Annalee's Spanish, then we are set for awhile! I could so easily become a curriculum hog! There are so many options out there and I love to learn. I feel like I am relearning things already in the short amount of time we have been schooling. It is a very good thing! I am very excited about this school year. I think it is going to be the best yet! The kids love getting their school work out and done every day. I love spending the time with them. It is such a blessing.


Niczi said...

Hey baby, love your blog. It will be wonderful to see how it is going everyday.

Sherri said...

Good job!! I'm so happy to see that you got it done and have started a blog. This is so exciting!!