Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is it so hard?

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion!!! One of the most important lessons to teach our kids is that if you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all. There are some people that will tell you to ignore hurtful things that are said, but I do not believe it is our place to ignore those things. I believe more parents should teach their children to think about how your words are going to affect others. There are adults that will verbally abuse children every chance they get. I believe people that are enabling them are just as bad as the abuser. It hurts to stand by and watch someone say hurtful things to someone. Yesterday we heard somethings that we were not meant for our ears. It is hard to respect someone(that is leading a Bible study) and take what they share to heart when they seem to be constantly talking about others behind their back. I think I am a little naive at times and think that maybe they do not realize how hurtful they are being to others. It is hard to see a family torn apart because of someone saying hurtful things. But at the same time I have to realize that the one complaining about the family not being close is the one that is causing all of the hurt feelings. It's hard to sit by and watch and I really wish someone would tell her what she's doing. It's a hard call, though, because once words have been spoken they are out there and cannot be taken back.

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