Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watch out world!

Bella is standing! She just turned 7 months last week and she is already pulling herself to standing. It scares the mess out of me! It seems like she just started scooting yesterday. She does not want to be confined in any way, shape or form. She never wanted the swing much. We thought she would love the jumperoo because she would be upright. That was wishful thinking! She will tolerate it in small doses, like ten minute doses. She will sit in the bouncer while I blow dry my hair, as long as she's right in front of me with me bouncing her with my foot. Other than that, she wants to be held or on the floor constantly. Her favorite toy is Bullseye(our cat). Thankfully he likes her, too. We might be in trouble if he didn't. She screams with glee when she sees him walk or run past.


Sherri said...

Bella is beautiful!! I love all of her dark hair!
My Carter was like Bella...wanted to be up and moving early. He is still such a risk taker!

Michael T. said...

Bella is so sweet!! I love her to death! My lil sis is ganna grow up to be prolly a Basketball player. Lol. She is ALREADY SO TALL!!