Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bella turns 1!!!!!!!!!!

What a sweet, amazing blessing this little girl has been to us. I do not know where the time has gone. It feels like she was just born a month ago. She has been here with us for 12 months today. She has taught me patience, endurance, tolerance and the power of prayer. I have prayed for years, but the power of prayer was always missing. Or, I didn't think I could feel the power. I didn't feel the immediate peace that came from praying to get through the next hour, evening, day.

We'll have her own cake at her party, but for tonight she got a piece. She was checking it out!

MMMM! She was thinking about diving in mouth first, but she restrained herself!

Yummy cake face!

Oh yeah! Let's rub it all in my hair!

My sweet blue eyed girl!

Wave your hands in the air like you don't care!

Opening presents.

Just a sweet picture of my angel!

Playing with a new toy!

Bella decided since it was her birthday that she should at least take one step all alone. So, she took one step a couple of times today. She'd go to her knees after that one step, but one is better than none!


Cathie said...

How did this happen? I remember you announcing she was born.

Happy Birthday Bella!

Tiffani said...

Happy Birthday, Bella!!! She is absolutely precious!! I love that dark hair and blue eyes!!!

Enjoy your special day with her!

Michele said...

Bella is so beautiful! My 3rd child taught me very much of the same things Bella has taught you. She also didn't walk until she was 15 months old either. Happy Birthday Bella!

Amy said...

She is such a cutie patootie! I can't believe it's really been a year! I mean, I know the feeling, it just doesn't seem real!
OMG on taking her 1st steps. Girl it won't be a couple of days before she really gets it. Chloe Grace is just not "trying" to stand on her own for just a little bit.

Val said...

Happy Birthday Bella!

And that ball popper toy is fabulous. That was Stink's favorite toy for a LONG time. Nothing kept him occupied like that did:)

Shannon said...

Man alive! I can remember you telling me your were pregnant! Wasn't that just yesterday?!

She is just so precious...and I love her blue eyes!

Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Sherri said...

Look at her! She is beautiful...and taking first steps on her birthday. How perfect is that!!?!!
Happy birthday Bella!