Friday, January 23, 2009

My kids are cooler than me!

Yesterday morning as I was mouthing the words to the songs and trying not to treadmill dance, I realized my kids are way cooler than I am! I have an mp3 player, but my music stinks! Some of the songs come on and I wonder why in the world I downloaded them! Michael and Annalee's ipods are a different story, though! I have to restrain myself from singing and treadmill dancing. I'd be awfully embarrassed if I tripped or fell off! They've added praise music and pop, just the right stuff to get me moving!!! :) What do you like to listen to when you are working out?


Anonymous said...

Can't help ya on that one. I either work out to a work out video - Love Leslie Sansome - Walk Away the Pounds (Will have to do this once our Little one gets here!)... or I am out walking with a friend running my mouth! ;)
I didn't realize until I became prengant that it is hard to walk and talk at the same time with baby on your lungs! ha!
Keep up the good work and sing out loud on the treadmill! Enjoy yourself! :)

Mo said...

Hey, cool. Thanks for signing up as a Follower or MoJoy. I read some of your posts... even old ones. Are you from West Monroe? I couldn't really tell. And it has crossed my crazy little mind that I too may want to homeschool someday. Are you liking it? Melanie

Shannon said...

I'm a rock music kinda gal when I work out! But Josh keeps the playlist pretty up to date.

Oh...and typically I don't lip-sing the songs...I bless the outdoors and sometimes other gym members with my tonedeaf vocals!


Mrs. Darling said...

I just told my daughter that is she wants to listen to music it has to be praise music or pop! How funny that you should write that your kids listen to exactly that.

I dont work out! ssssshhh

edie said...

Lately, I've been running to Taylor's new's perfect for exercise. I've got all kinds though...mostly alternative rock. There are some songs on there I'd deny downloading!

Michele said...

Praise music, praise music, and more praise music. I'm probably known in my neighborhood as the Jesus freak or the girl who doesn't know how to run. I raise my hands and praise the Lord when I feel the urge. Fast songs definitely help, but I like the slow ones too . . . gives me a good excuse to slow down some. I'm so proud of you for keeping at it!

JANE said...

TobyMac always gets me moving even while driving!! Others are Family Force 5 and Skillet, slow down to Need To Breathe(fitting name, LOL)!! And I sing as loud as possilbe so my dear children will come running to watch!!