Friday, January 9, 2009

One week down!

I made it an entire week without a coke! The triggers that normally set me off were overcome with prayer and going to the gym. Chick-fil-a has the BEST coke, in my opinion and I made it through the drive-thru today without getting one! As of today, I have walked 17 miles this week!!! The only day I didn't go to the gym was Tuesday. I did a 4 mile Walk Away the Pounds video at home that day. The weather was nasty and I really didn't want to get the kids out in it. I'm going to try to make it to the gym in the morning. I really want to squeak out 3 more miles for the week. I have had so much more energy since I've been exercising every day! Most days I have had a lot more patience, also.

I am patiently waiting for our shipment of new books. I ordered Horizons Math, Easy Grammar, Learning Language Arts Through Literature and Sequential Spelling. Michele, I wish I'd seen the recommendation for Shurley before I placed the order! I'm going to give Easy Grammar a try. If we don't like it, I'll try Shurley next! I don't know many people that have tried Horizons math, so I'm glad you said you like it! Most of the people in our homeschooling group use Saxon or Math U See. We tried Singapore. It was fine for Michael, but a little difficult for Annalee. I still want to order Spelling Power for Michael. He is a natural speller. I haven't done it yet, though. We'll see how Sequential Spelling works. I thought that might make more sense for Annalee. I hope they will enjoy these more. Right now Annalee is not a fan of math or english at all. She'd rather do Bible, science, social studies, spelling, art, reading and spanish all day every day!

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